Take Advantage of The Mobile Age

Mobile addiction is not rare in this time and age. Even the people who used to hate technology are joining this kind of new addiction. For this reason, our mobile phone is a great platform for advertisement. Notice the advertisement that instantly pops while playing a game? It’s called mobile advertising. It’s been happening for years.

60% of Online Activities Happens on Smart Phones

Smartphones are portable devices that function as many things in our lives. Aside from using them as our alarm clock, we use our smartphones for searching online, check out our Facebook page, and so on. Seeing this major shift on users’ behavior, it makes sense to build a mobile-friendly website. It’s a must these days, or else, you’ll be missing out on potential customers browsing on your site using the smartphones. Smart phones are also used to take, visit now and add great images to your blog. They are also used buy Webtrafficgeeks to get more traffic to your site.

Great Way for Native Advertising

Most businesses streamline their advertisements on social media to make them native. It is more convenient for the users and four times effective than non-native methods. Advertisers can choose which platforms to put their advertisement on without being heavily invested in each of them.

Promotes Brand Interaction

For advertisers who are thinking of applying mobile advertising, don’t forget to make an effort to interact with your customers on the platform of your choice. Information travels fast online. Don’t let a disagreement with a customer end up on the internet for people to feast on. This is a disadvantage of mobile advertising that is so minimal compared to the benefits it offers. On the other hand, mobile advertising can magically create awareness among groups of users. A single tweet means possible hundreds of additional clicks.

Fast Results

Compared to organic lead generation, mobile advertisement generates a faster return on investment. For advertisers who know the in and out of mobile advertisement, selling a product online is just a piece of cake. However, the results of an advertisement might be a short term case, meaning you will need to pay for a new set of advertisement to boost sales from this marketing effort. But at the end of the day, faster results can be achieved which makes it still an ideal marketing effort for businesses in need of sales.

5 thoughts on “Take Advantage of The Mobile Age

  1. My business got an instant result from the first day we launched our mobile marketing scheme. The downside is the result is not long term. I suggest that you only use this as a boosting method. But never let go of your organic lead generation methods.

  2. Nowadays, smartphones are the norm and a necessity. People need it to communicate, to access the internet, and to target smartphone users for your advertising campaign is a really great target demographic. Most of the people who have it are those who are still young at around the ages of 10 to 30 so targeting the smartphone users are the best way to promote your product.

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