XSEARCH – Innovating Research System

We unfix the idea of online advertising.
There are no third parties; sellers and users interact directly with each other through a decentralized network.
0 17.5k ETH
private sale hardcap reached = 2500 eth
Private Pre-SALE
Only Whitelist

1 Eth will be swapped for 1,400 XSE

Minimum contributlon

20 ETH
05.04 - 20.04
Whitelist BONUS 30%

1 Eth will be swapped

for 1,300 XSE

Minimum contributlon

0,5 ETH
Round 1
+15% bonus

1 Eth will be swapped

for 1,150 XSE

Minimum contributlon

0,1 ETH
Round 2
+10% bonus

1 Eth will be swapped

for 1,100 XSE

Minimum contributlon

0,1 ETH
Round 3
+5% bonus

1 Eth will be swapped

for 1,050 XSE

Minimum contributlon

0,1 ETH
Round 4
0% bonus

1 Eth will be swapped

for 1,000 XSE

Minimum contributlon

0,1 ETH
how it works

1. A user signs up and enters his or her personal data he or she considers necessary.

2. The user searches for goods or services using our search engine.

3. The seller automatically sends a personalized offer to a user who is indeed interested in the goods or services in question.

4. The seller pays the user for viewing the personalized offer.

who needs it
Sellers pay less for advertising and receive higher return.
Users get money for providing their personal data and spend less time on searching thanks to personalized offers.
distribution of ico funds
ICO Sale
Distribution cost
Management costs
Token XSE
Price 1ETH = 1000 XSE
Buy with ETH
Platform Ethereum(ERC20)
Hard cap 17,500 ETH
Location Norway
Pre ICO 05 April 2018 - 20 April 2018
ICO 20 April 2018 - 30 May 2018
Token Count for sale 24,5m XSE = 83%
Total Token Count 30m XSE

April 2017

Xsearch idea creation

May 2017

Service concept formation

June 2017

ICO team making and XSE blockchain technology development

August 2017

Xsearch first prototype

September - December 2017

Potential service users negotiation

December 2017

Official website development for ERC-20 tokensale

1-2 quarter 2018

Live ICO! Tokensale

3 quarter 2018

HitBtc and Bancor trade launch

4 quarter 2018

Main project development

4 quarter 2018

iOS and Android applications development

1 quarter 2019

Token price growth and new exchanges launch

1 quarter 2019

Firefox and chrome extensions ready

2 quarter 2019

Security audit, vulnerabilities analysis

3 quarter 2019

Marketing, customers count growth

xse will be listed on
media about us
R: 4.5 alt
R: 5.0 alt
R: 7.8 Xsearch (XSE) - ICO Rating and Overview | ICOmarks

XSE coins are used as an internal currency for executing investment deals on Xsearch platform.
It's value will grow as demand for the platform increases. In addition, XSE will be traded on digital currency exchanges.

It's value will grow as demand for the platform increases.

We are issuing a total of 30,000,000 XSE coins.
The details of coin allocation is included under the ICO Section of our website, as well as, in the whitepaper.
All the coins that are not sold during ICO will be burned, which will also guarantee XSE coin will remain valuable
The Minimum buying limit is 0.5 ETH on pre sale ICO and 0.1 ETH on main ICO. There is no maximum limit so you can buy as much as you want.
Holders of XSE coins will be able to convert the coins into fiat money or other crypto currencies on crypto currency / digital asset exchanges once XSE is listed there.
We will start listing activities immediately after the completion of the ICO
XSE coins conform to the ERC-20 standard, which guarantees coin integration into any wallet that supports this standard.
Coins paid for in ETH will be credited immediately when you transfer your ETH.
Participating in the ICO, gives you the ability to buy coins at the lowest price they will ever be.
In addition, if you buy coins early, you will receive bonus that can be as high as 33%.
We accept Ethereum (ETH)
There are a large of exchanges all around the world such as Coinbase, Kraken, Bitoasis, Epay, etc.
Please create a private wallet on an ERC-20 compatible wallet such as www.myetherwallet.com and transfer your ETH to it first and then to us.
Detailed instructions are included under the "Contribute" button.
contact us
Private sale application form
Minimum amount = 0.5 ETH

• We accept only ETH.

Attention! Don’t use any cryptocurrency exchange wallet addresses like Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, Globitex, Coinomi etc. Transferring ETH from these wallets will result in an irreversible loss of your money!

Compatible wallets: MyEtherWallet, Mist, MetaMask or other ERC20 token standard wallet.

• Minimum amount = 0.5 ETH

• Contract will automatically send XSE to your address after receiving ETH

• Set the Gas limit to 300,000, Gwei 60

• By taking part in the ICO, you accept the terms of the crowd sale

Click to see the smart-contract of crowd sale